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Dog Owners guide

Getting a new dog for the first time is an amazing experience, but also one that can be quite the challenge. The reason is simple, taking care of your puppy might seem a tad difficult at first, but it really helps provide amazing results. With that in mind, here you have the right tips and tricks to take care of your dog.

Prepare your home

Getting a dog kennel is important, because you want to ensure that your dog has its own place in your home. That being said, you also want to ensure that you have enough space for your pet to roam around. Speaking of that, it makes sense to start dog proofing your home. That means you should cover or move items that can get damaged by your pet.

You also want to buy other necessary items like a dog crate, dog harness, dog toys and the right dog collars. Taking your dog to the vet before you take him home is also crucial, just to see if he has special needs, food requirements and so on.

Raising your dog properly

You need to establish trust with your dog, so create routines like running or walking together. Spending time and interacting is crucial here. You also want to introduce your pet to the neighborhood, he has socialization needs, so connecting with other pets is very important. Getting the right dog collar is crucial here.

Dog training

Training your dog early on is great because it removes a lot of pressure and challenges. Pick the right training method, there are options like clicker training, the Koehler method, scientific training, positive reinforcement training, electronic training and many others. Speaking of that, depending on the training method you might need dog toys or a variety of tools, just take those into consideration.

Dog grooming

Dog grooming is very important. And while some dogs need less grooming than others, all dogs need things like a bath or nail clipping for example. You also want to check for any fleas, if there are any you should choose an adequate treatment. Going to the vet is also crucial, in case you encounter any signs that your puppy might be sick. Vaccinations are also a necessity, since dogs are prone to a variety of potential health problems. These include rabies, canine parainfluenza, lyme disease, even intestinal worms or heartworm disease.


Taking good care of your dog and training him properly requires time and patience. That’s why owning a dog is not for everyone. Granted, some breeds are easier to handle, but you still need to set quite a bit of time aside to ensure that your pet is healthy, happy, properly groomed and with enough socialization opportunities. We recommend avoiding any rush and establish the right dog care plan that you stick with. Once you start doing that, the benefits will be incredible in the long run. Rest assured that once you follow these tips and guidelines, it will make it easier to take good care of your dog!

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